LEIGH East Councillor Brian Jarvis was so confident his wife, Barbara, would join him on Wigan Council that he bought her a car to cover the sprawling Leigh Council ward.

And former care worker Barbara repaid his trust by walking away with the seat for Labour.

After stepping into the shoes of retiring Labour Councillor Brian Thomas, with a 741 vote majority over Conservative Alan Lowe, she said she was "absolutely delighted with the result" and promised to give husband and non-driver Brian a lift to meetings!

But in Lightshaw Ward where a four cornered fight developed for the vacancy left by Brian Strett, Labour's incumbent for the past 24 years, the Community Action Party sprang a surprise when Peter Solinas headed Labour's Alan Melling by 300 votes, almost three times as many as farmer's son James Grundy (Conservative).

In a Tyldesley East nailbiter a "pleased and relived" Steve Hellier retained his seat for Labour. He fought-off the Liberal Democrat challenge by just 51 votes.

Reg Holmes retained Atherton by a 300-plus margin over Liberal Democrat first timer John Stackhouse and John Lea comfortably held on to the Beford Astley ward.

Afterwards Cllr Lea said he was delighted with the turn out from Astley Green villagers.

"This year 105 people voted, last year there were only 26 and the highest number previously was just 28."

Check out all the results courtesy of the council's own website.

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