A DRUNKEN man sat down in the road as police escorted Sheffield Wednesday supporters to their train on Saturday, a court was told.

Burnley magistrates heard how Philip Armstrong, 32, came out of his Burnley home and was abusive and swearing. The defendant, of Parliament Street, admitted being drunk and disorderly and was given a 12 months conditional dishcarge with £55 costs.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, told the court police at first thought the offence was related to the Burnley v Sheffield Wednesday football match but no longer took that view.

About 4.30pm, officers were taking about 200 away fans back to Manchester Road station in Burnley. So they did not have to go through the town centre, they took them down Parliament Street where the defendant lived.

Armstrong came out of his house, staggered to the middle of the road in front of the police and raised his arms. He then sat down in the road, was told to move out of the way by police but was abusive and swore.

Armstrong said: "I'm not moving. I hate them." He was clearly very drunk and was arrested the court was told.

Mr Robinson said police were satisfied the defendant came out of the house while drunk and got himself "in the wrong situation".