BURNLEY MP Peter Pike has welcomed an assurance from the Home Office that it does not insist that landlords of asylum seekers provide them with colour TVs and telephones.

He hoped that this both reassures constituents in Burnley and sets the record straight on certain claims being made.

The Labour backbencher contacted the Home Office after allegations and 'leaked Home Office documents' were drawn to his attention about asylum seekers.

The Home Office have investigated these documents and today announced that these claims are unfounded and untrue.

The documents passed to Mr Pike included a document which purported to be a 'tenancy agreement' between the Home Office and providers of asylum seeker accommodation.

This document is being circulated in election literature and is posted on a website and claims that, amongst other things, asylum seekers will be provided with colour TVs in their allocated accommodation.

The Home Office said National Asylum Support Service do not hold 'tenancy agreements', instead they have a model contract which is used with housing providers and added that NASS accommodation providers are not required to provide telephone facilities or televisions.

Mr Pike said: "I receive letters and representations from constituents who have learnt about this false 'tenancy agreement' or who have been told other untruths relating to the benefit asylum seekers receive. I understand their concerns when they hear these lies.

"What I would say is this - if you have legitimate complaints or concerns, write to me. The Home Office have responded to my representations relating to this 'tenancy agreement' and I hope that we could allay other concerns in a similar way."