TWO families whose behaviour condemned neighbours to months of misery have been evicted from their homes.

The families of 37-year-old Linda Grimshaw, of Grosvenor Road, and Deborah Pasquill, 44, of Hulme Road, both Leigh, share a history of involvement in intimidation, harassment, criminal offences, damage, assault, verbal abuse and general nuisance.

Many tenants cited the behaviour of the two families as their reason for wanting to leave the estate off Wigan Road which borders Firs Park.

Landlords Wigan & Leigh Housing eventually sought legal action in an effort to stop their anti-social behaviour. The families were given a suspended possession order, allowing them to retain their homes providing there were no further incidents of anti-social behaviour.

In addition, members of the Grimes family were not allowed at the Pasquills' address and certain members of the Pasquill family were no longer allowed to reside at 11 Hulme Road.

The court order was soon breached on several occasions and now bailiffs have carried out evictions at both houses.

Tony Gerrard, Deputy Chief Executive of Wigan & Leigh Housing, said: "This has been a particularly nasty case where two families have tried to take control of a small estate by intimidation, harassment and threats to the wider community.

"I would thank those residents who, despite continuing problems, had the courage to give evidence against those who were destroying their neighbourhood. We are always committed to taking action against those individuals whose behaviour has a detrimental effect in the wider community where they live and despite warnings and the threat of legal sanctions, they are unwilling to change their behaviour."

Note to editors

E For further information, please contact Dave Bainbridge, Tenancy Relations Manager, on 01942 705707.

E The family of Linda Grimshaw is: Scott Grimes, aged 16, Stephen Grimes, 19, Nathan Grimes, 13

E The family of Deborah Pasquill is: Jason, aged 27, Beverley, 22, Zoe, 21, Chey,19; Phillipa, 17, Damian, 16, Dale, 14, Leyton Dewitt, 10 and Dillon Dewitt, 6.