MAKING their rivals green with envy is Bury-based Greenpower Technologies, Ltd.

The company, which is making Bury more environmentally friendly, has won the Bolton and Bury Chamber Greening the Supply Chain Award.

Greenpower, which supplies energy saving products and waste reduction technologies, was selected because it has helped customers make dramatic reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, which has had a knock-on effect through the customers' own supply chains.

The thriving Bury business is working with the local authorities in Bury, Bolton, Wigan and Oldham to convert their refuse collection vehicles from diesel to environmentally-friendly LPG fuel.

So far, at Bury alone, this has resulted in a 35 per cent improvement in fuel savings and a 30 per cent improvement in vehicle efficiency. It is estimated that conversion of the entire fleet to LPG will decrease total carbon dioxide emissions by up to 39 per cent.

Greenpower Technologies have also supplied tanked fuel on site, which is creating significant cost savings.

Now, the company is turning its attentions to the haulage sector, where LPG can cut fuel bills by 30 per cent. It is entering into a partnership with QinetiQ Group plc, which has the technological expertise to convert complex engine management systems for LPG consumption.

As such, Greenpower has agreement with one of the UKs largest heavy hauliers to apply the LPG technology across its 8,000 strong fleet.

Said John Birch, supply chain director for Bolton and Bury Chamber: "Greenpower Technologies is a shining example of a 'green' company which is spreading the environmental benefits through its supply chain and its customers' supply chains. It is a young business which we feel will make a major impact on both profitability and the planet."