FROM multiplex to silver screen -- meet Blackpool's newest film stars!

Odeon supervisor Dave Hughes and security guard Georgina Coster and Georgina's sister Sam Muir all cameo in newly released Brit film, Heartlands.

While Dave cameos as a darts player, Sam and Georgina play rowdy partygoers in the final scenes of the film, shot on the Golden Mile, North Pier and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

"It was great!" said 25-year-old civil servant Sam. "We are part of a hen party in the film, so we were singing, shouting and causing a riot basically."

Georgina, 21, added: "It's set in the summertime, but it was filmed in September 2001 and we were there in short skirts and stilettoes. It was freezing!"

The two sisters, from Hawthorne Road, North Shore, are already part-time actresses with murder mystery theatre company, In The Dark.

And Sam also has several television credits to her name, including Emmerdale and Weakest Link.

"I fell off my podium and made Anne Robinson laugh, so I ended up on It'll Be Alright on the Night as well," she giggled.

They both got involved in Heartlands through Sam's agent at casting company TV Extras, while Dave cheekily phoned film industry contacts himself.

"They dressed me up as a darts player and you see me walking into a darts championship on the pier."

But amazingly, despite both working at the Odeon, Dave and Georgina didn't know there were both in the film until it was about to be released.

"One day we just got talking. She said she'd been in this film about a darts player. I said 'that's funny, so have I' and we realised it was Heartlands!"