FRIENDS of Sunnyhurst Wood are putting the finishing touches to the repair of an 80-year-old footbridge.

To date, almost £3,800 has been put into restoring the Huntington Bridge.

The cash was raised by the group's flood fund appeal through donations and a variety of charity events.

Work started at the beginning of the year and yesterday, a group of six volunteers did their best to clear the area around the bridge.

Friends chairman Dennis Gillibrand, said: "About 90 per cent of the work on the marble footbridge is done.

"Now we are doing a bit of work to make sure the area looks up to scratch.

"We are going to be straightening up the land up to make it look a bit more presentable."

In recent years, the group has generated funds to carry out restoration work on the woods' drinking fountain, picnic areas and benches.

Mr Gillibrand added: "We think the work on the bridge will cost around £4,000 in total.

"It will be something that people will be able to see and will take pride in."