TWO of three brothers who fought police have each been jailed for six months.

David and Lee Webb were jailed for their part in the violent assault on two police officers but a third brother, John Webb, received a community penalty.

The brothers from Hindley alleged the police initiated the violence by hitting one of them with a baton, but at Bolton Crown Court a judge said officers carrying out their duty should not be the subject of violent attacks.

Lee Webb, aged 20, David, 23, and John Webb, 29, all of Brookdale Road, Hindley admitted assaulting a police officer with the intention of resisting arrest and Lee Webb also admitted criminal damage.

The younger brothers each got six-month in custody and John Webb was sentenced to a 150 hours Community Punishment Order.

The court heard that before the assault on police Lee Webb had been seen staggering around in Golborne High Street. A car stopped to see how he was but Webb kicked the door and was aggressive until he realised the occupants knew him.

They called the police and officers went to arrest Lee Webb he became abusive and aggressive and after David Webb refused to move one of the officers hit David Webb on the thigh with his baton. Both brothers struggled violently and the officers were punched and kicked several times and David Webb had to subdued by CS gas.

All three brothers were arrested when more police arrived.

Defending David Webb Rachel White told the court that since the incident he had separated from his partner, lost his job and suffered vertigo and blurred vision.

For John Webb, Phil Martin said his client had been the least involved and had also completed seven months of curfew.

Recorder Richard Brittain said: "What you subjected these officers to was an obnoxious and disgusting course of conduct."