NO doubt most readers have like myself been bombarded by election pamphlets over the last few weeks.

One such pamphlet by a Liberal candidate claimed that the Conservative of St Leonards Ward were in favour of building flats on the site of the old Blackburn home.

As this was opposite to the long held views of at least one of the candidates, I contacted one prospective Conservative candidate to verify this.

I was assured that the new prospective Conservative candidates for St Leonards ward were totally opposed to any flats being built on the sand dunes.

Apparently when this inconsistency was pointed out to Mr Henshaw he indicated that it was legitimate to make such claims.

As I have been a Liberal supporter for over 20 years I find that this sort of 'Westminster' party-politicking to be out of place in local elections.

I personally will not support any candidate, Liberal or otherwise, who engages in such 'stunts' to influence the town affairs.

David Newton

Benbow Close

Lytham St Annes