THE shocking case of Martin Steve Tibbett who was allowed to 'groom' a young girl for sex will send a shiver down the spine of every parent today.

But the whole sorry episode leaves us with more questions that need to be answered in order for a sickening act like this never to be repeated.

How was he allowed to slip through the net? And what procedures are in place to ensure this never happens again?

Only a full and proper inquiry will give us those answers.

And that is exactly what now needs to be done.

People who carry out depraved acts on children must feel the full weight of the law.

Even Tibbett's guilty plea must not be used as an excuse for any leniency when it comes to sentencing.

Children using the service are already in a vulnerable enough state.

To prey on that vulnerability even further shows the seriousness of this case and why it is with extreme urgency a proper plan is put into place to ensure this never happens again.

Only then will we know our children are safe.

Act now.