This week, with SAMINA KAUSER, pastoral support worker at Walton High School, Nelson.

MEMORY: Being in class and thinking that one day I was going to be a teacher because they have so much power over the children!

HOLIDAY: Kharian in Pakistan as a child, with my mother and younger brother. It was horrible because I was ill the whole time I was there. I went back a couple of years ago and liked it much better.

HOME: We lived above the shop my parents owned on Manchester Road, Nelson. It was an Asian clothes shop -- one of only a few Asian shops in Nelson at the time. I used to love it because I could get lots of new clothes.

SCHOOL: I went to a junior school on Every Street in Nelson and I loved it. I have lots of really good memories of it and a lot of the people I was at school with still live around here and I still see them.

JOB: I worked at Jack Pac at weekends and school holidays when I was 17. I used to shrink-wrap books.

CAR: A Metro, which was really reliable until one day I didn't put water in the radiator and it burned up on the motorway.

HERO: My first hero was my big brother Javed, because he was the first in the family to get a degree. He's very clever and got a degree in chemistry and chemical technology at Bradford University.

RECORD: Take On Me, by Aha. I loved Aha!

VOLUNTEER WORK: My mum's friend owned a factory that made quilts and bedding and I used to volunteer to fold and package the bedding.