YOUR leader supporting Burnley Council's decision to ban Bernard Manning (LET, May 6) shows considerable lack of understanding of the causes -- real or perceived -- of the tensions in that (and for that matter this) town.

Every council should treat people with respect as a matter of course, not as a part of some 'mission statement' so popular these days.

Such respect should, of course, mention flying the Union flag to support troops when they are fighting for this country.

The Government is doing its best to make the UK a 'nanny state' without local authorities and provincial newspapers joining in!

I do not enjoy Mr Manning's style of humour, but do you seriously believe that those who do will have their opinions changed by this ban?

Oh, by the way, I am not a bigot -- they are mostly on Burnley Council.

KEITH REYNOLDS, Wyre Crescent, Darwen.