THE leader of Burnley Council in all his infinite wisdom, said in front of the TV cameras: "Will someone tell me why the BNP has got in?" Well, the truth should be staring him in the face.

The years of urban neglect have taken their toil and why? Because there has been too much development, too many stores, too many new houses, which people buy rather than old property.

Regarding the elderly in this town, they are the most discriminated against of all, as this council, despite opposing the future closure of homes for the aged, have failed to stop this happening and let this uncaring county council get away with it.

A brave man in front of the TV cameras in Question Time recently, when they were in Burnley, lambasted the council, saying he'd voted BNP because of these home closures.

Everyone I talk to is fed up with the failed policies of this council. They've got away with it for too long and now the day of reckoning is here they have got their comeuppance.

BRIAN WATSON, Rosehill Road, Burnley.