MAY I make a point about Hapton having elected a BNP councillor? It is not just the village of Hapton but Hapton with Park' which has elected Councillor Starr.

'Park' comprises of a large chunk of Padiham, so the village does not stand alone in this.

While recognising Councillor Starr's right to be democratically elected I cannot let Andy Tatchell depart without paying tribute to the vast contribution he has made, not only to 'Hapton with Park' but to Burnley as a whole.

He has been enthusiastically involved, not just in the environs of being a council representative but in anything that he has been asked to undertake and has been a fine representative for Burnley Labour Party.

It is through Andy that I have found myself, as a lifelong Conservative and protest Independent, voting Labour in the last two local elections.

I do hope he stands in the forthcoming by-election for Hapton with Park and I will do all I can, in my small way, to ensure his speedy return to the council chamber.

PAT JONES (Mrs), Bridgefield Street, Hapton, Burnley.