EAST Lancashire MP Gordon Prentice wants the Government to ensure that all goods and services are priced in both sterling and in euros.

He said that doing this would make life easier for travellers returning from the continent with the new currency, help tourism and increase the popularity of the single currency in advance of the referendum.

The Pendle Labour backbencher tackled Chancellor Gordon Brown on the issue in Treasury Questions.

Mr Prentice asked him: "If the time is not right for a referendum on the single currency for the moment, would you consider introducing parallel pricing showing the price in pounds sterling and the euro?"

Mr Brown said he would not discuss details relating to the single currency until he made his statement on whether the euro had met his 'five economic tests' required before any vote on joining the single currency was called. That is expected by June 8.

Mr Prentice said afterwards that already many UK businesses accepted the euro instead of pounds and pence, despite it not being an official legal currency in the UK.

The MP said: "Lots of people travel from the UK to other countries in the EU and use the single currency. So business people and holidaymakers are getting used to euro notes and coins -- and often come back with a pocket full.

"Britain may join, depending on the Chancellor's assessment of the five economic tests. The Government believes there is no constitutional bar on joining -- the central question is whether joining the euro would be in Britain's economic interests. This is also my view.

"Before Britain joins the euro there would have to be a recommendation to parliament from the Government, a positive vote in Westminster, and a yes vote in a referendum."