DO you often find yourself typing the same things over and over again on your computer?

If a simple task takes you 30 seconds to do and you do it 100 times in a day, that's around an hour of wasted time.

What if you could claim that time back and use it for other, more important things?

Well now you can, because a free software program called ShortKeys helps you reclaim the time you waste on most repetitive typing tasks.

Log on to and download the free version of the program.

The program quietly monitors your typing activity and, any time you type in a pre-defined keystroke combination, the program will automatically insert the replacement text. You can it program with email, word processing, web browser, and even with your web page editor.

Simple idea, simple to set up and it will save you simply loads of time.

APPLE'S big new idea, an online music service that is entirely legal and above board, has been launched.

Called the Apple Music Store, (, it integrates closely with Apple's iTunes software, which has been updated to coincide with the launch of the Store.

The service is alarmingly simple to use. From inside the iTunes program, users can call up details of hundreds of artists and more than 200,000 individual songs. Just clicking on a song downloads a 30-second sample, and another click downloads the entire song, at a charge of 99 cents. Entire albums cost 10 dollars.

You'll note the American currency in those figures. For the time being, the new service is only available in the USA, although Apple says it is working on making it available worldwide.

BROADBAND, ISP, always on access are just a few of the phrases you might cross when you look to find a new Internet service.

But if you drop by the ISP Review ( website you can get up to date on all the offers available.

Here you can find out who are the best providers, the latest broadband information and recent stories about all things web.