CHARLES Showemino thought police should give him a lift home to Darwen after releasing him from the Greenbank station in the early hours of the morning.

But instead of earning him a free ride, Showemino's drastic action earned him free board in a police cell until he was put before Blackburn magistrates.

Showemino, 24, of Woodvale Flats, pleaded guilty to damaging the windows of a van parked on the police station car park. He was remanded on bail until Monday, when he is due to be dealt with for the offence of theft for which he was originally arrested.

Eddie Harrison, prosecuting, said Showemino was being released on bail for an allegation of theft at 3.30am and demanded a lift home. He told officers that if they didn't provide transport he would go and smash some windows.

"He was turned out and promptly smashed some windows of a mini-bus," said Mr Harrison.

Julian Peers, defending, said it made sense for his client to be sentenced for both offences at the same time."

"He has been in custody for 36 hours, save for a 30 minute break, during which he smashed the windows," said Mr Peers.