I AM accused by Coun Dave Smith (Letters, May 7) of giving advice to pensioners when I only compared the hardship and trauma inflicted on Mr Thomas Bywater by a callous council increasing his home help charges to the freebies and care asylum seekers are given (Letters, April 16).

Coun Smith comes up with useless figures, but fails to mention free accommodation with no council tax, water rates, home care, dental treatment, opticians charges, free cookery lessons and no queuing at the post office.

If he had any integrity, he would be knocking at Mr Bywater's door to see if he could help the old soldier in any way.

If I had the impertinence to give advice to pensioners, it would be to vote for a party and people who would make the care of pensioners a top priority and appreciate the contributions to the country they have and do make and not for a party and people that closes old folk's homes and has blatantly reneged on early promises they made to care for pensioners.

A SEDGWICK, Lyndhurst Avenue, Blackburn.