A GROUP of Burnley legends are leading the call for the Bob Lord Stand to be named after Jimmy Adamson.

The club has been thinking of ways to honour the manager who last took them to the top flight.

Burnley's Division Two champions of 1973, who celebrated their 30th anniversary at a reunion dinner on Saturday, believe the best way to pay tribute to him would be to rename the stand the Lord Adamson Stand.

Former striker Paul Fletcher said: "One thing which we talked about at the dinner was how nice it would be to acknowledge him at the ground.

"One idea that came from the players was to rename the Bob Lord Stand the Lord Adamson Stand. The players of that era think that would be an appropriate way of honouring Jimmy Adamson.

"In our view there have been four key people in Burnley's history; Bob Lord, Jimmy McIlroy, Brian Miller and Jimmy Adamson.

"It could be argued that Jimmy Adamson is the most successful and longest serving manager in the club's history.

"If it was to be renamed the Lord Adamson Stand, future generations would come along and ask who Lord Adamson was. So it has nice connotations."

"They were two people who were important to Burnley and the club's future. One was from a business background and one was from a football background but they had the same vision for the club in taking it forward."