ONE of the claims of the British National Party is that they are not like the other 'old style' parties.

When it comes to policies, this seems to be the case when you look at these two statements taken from their website -- "The imposition of 'equal opportunities' quotas is both unfair on the majority who are discriminated against.

"It is also condescending to capable members of ethnic minorities who are seen as having obtained jobs on account of their colour rather than on their personal abilities."

Council-run 'equal opportunities' policies encourage racial tensions and deny the tax-paying public the right to have the best people doing the jobs for which we have to pay.

BNP-run councils will move on from racist quotas and discrimination and become 'best possible' employers, hiring the best-qualified and -suited person possible for each job, regardless of their ethnic origins.

And this one from the questions page on the BNP website...

"We also call for preference in the job market to be given to native Britons."

They seem to be denouncing and supporting positive discrimination at the same time.

Pretty impressive.

IAN CALVERT, Glenluce Crescent, Shadsworth, Blackburn.