BURY Grammar School for Girls hosted a successful May Gala Day organised by the school's Guild of Parents and Friends.

Hundreds of visitors attended the event on Saturday, which had a pirates and South Seas theme, and raised £5,500 for the school.

Teacher Claire Trethewey, head of Year Seven, said: "The day went extremely well. We were very lucky with the weather, which was warm and sunny for most of the day."

The South Seas theme provided inspiration for many of the pupils who entered the fancy dress parade.

First prize went to Year Two pupil Natasha Miller, who was dressed as a South Sea island.

Second prize was awarded to Kathryn Wakefield, a Year Three pupil, who entered the parade as an exotic bird of paradise.

Third prize was shared by identical twins Isabel and Eleanor Waite, Year One pupils, who entered as hula-hula girls.

Continuing the theme, Mrs Jane Trafford organised a Piratical Football tournament for the kindergarten pupils.

Years One and Two boys and girls competed in the round robin event, with team names including the Jolly Rogers, Blackbeard's Bandits and the Buccaneers.

All the entrants received medals at the end of the tournament to commemorate the sporting event.

Other attractions that took place on the day included raffles, stalls, a barbecue, a splat the teacher competition and a coconut shy.

Musicians from Swinton High School's Steel Band visited the gala, where they performed lilting melodies throughout the day, providing the perfect soundtrack.

Senior teacher Eileen Schofield liaised with members of the Guild of Parents and Friends to help organise the gala.

Mrs Trethewey added: "It's always a popular event, and we try and raise a significant amount of money for specific projects each year."

The money raised from Saturday's event will be used to refurbish the Roger Kay Hall in the senior girls' school.