COUNCILLORS in Blackburn and Darwen are set to award themselves a 3.5 per cent increase in allowances, just 12 months after they rocketed 10 per cent.

A report to next Thursday's annual council meeting recommends that the average rise in allowances fall in line with the extra that council staff can expect in their paypackets this year.

That means each member of the council will receive a basic allowance of £5,149, up from £4,975 last year.

Council leader Bill Taylor will receive an additional £17,233 on top of his basic allowance. That is up from £16,650 last year.

Executive board members will receive £6,107 in addition to their basic, up from £5,900 last year.

The main opposition leader, Conservative councillor Colin Rigby will receive his basic allowance plus £5,486, up from £5,300.

Lib Dem leader Paul Browne's extra rises from £1,500 to £1,553.