OBVIOUSLY, Mrs Hazel Hamer (Letters, May 22) has not got a clue about the successful community CCTV schemes already operating in Blackburn and Darwen.

This is where residents club together to purchase CCTV for their own area or street, usually by way of a lottery or prize draw.

Community groups or residents' associations can then apply for grants from various sources in order to pay for a percentage of the cost of the scheme. These grants are specifically aimed at community groups -- councils are usually excluded from bidding for such schemes.

Mrs Hamer suggests that the police and council should be responsible. Yet, these organisations already provide comprehensive CCTV in both Darwen and Blackburn town centre. It would be impossible for the council to afford to pay for CCTV in every trouble spot.

Instead of criticising others why doesn't Mrs Hamer start a residents' group in her own area in order to obtain a community CCTV scheme?

Finally, it is grossly unfair for Mrs Hamer to criticise Councillor Dave Smith as he did, in fact, contribute out of his own pocket to a community CCTV scheme in an area of town where I work.

MUBEEN MULLA (Mr), Ripon Street, Blackburn.