IT seems the grass cutting department at Blackburn Town Hall is up to its usual tricks. The council promise to give 13 cuts per year between mid-March and October to each grassed area, but I don't know of any area in the Mill Hill district which has had its quota of cuts over the past three or four years.

One area in particular, in Brindle Street, has only just had its first cut this year. The grass in parts was a metre high.

Surely, a strimmer should have been used and the long grass raked off. You are told, when contacting the Town Hall, that removing the grass cuttings is not one of the council's promises, even when the area has been neglected.

I was watching when the area in Brindle Street was cut. The workman went straight on with his mover and it ripped the grass up instead of cutting it because it was so long. It took less than five minutes and the workman was off, leaving the street looking like a stable yard rather than a residential area.

I did contact the town hall, speaking to Graham Burgess to complain. He agreed that he wouldn't like to have the mess that had been left in our area in his own. He did say he would contact one of his departments to have the area cleaned.

This never happened.

PAUL WALSH, St Aidan's Avenue, Blackburn.