AC Milan take the European Champions League crown after a tense penalty shoot-out with Juventus at Old Trafford... read the minute by minute action here.

AC Milan win the Champions League on penalties 3-2, with Shevchenko scoring the key penalty. Man of the match goes to Maldini.

22:25: AC: Shevchenko SCORES and AC win

22:24: Juve: Del Piero scores

22:24: AC: Nesta scores

22:23: Juve: Montero misses

22:22: AC: Kaladze misses

22:21: Juve: Zalayeta misses

22:21: AC: Seedorf misses

22:20: Juve: Birindelli scores

22:19: AC: Serginho scores

22:18: He misses

22:18: First pen to Juve to be taken by Trezeguet

22:12: The penalties are to be taken in front of the Juve fans.

22:11: Shevchenko gets a ball across that Inzaghi fails to just connect to - the last chance - PENALTIES it is.

22:10: Last minute of extra time. The ball is on the edge of the AC box but is cleared.

22:08: Two minutes of extra time to go AC 0-0 Juve.

22:08: Another long ball is pumped into the AC box it breaks to Conte but his shot flies over the bar.

22:07: It is cleared and Gattuso chases the ball all the way back to the Juve keeper.

22:06: Zalayeta is fouled on the left wing free kick to Juve.

22:05: The game has dropped with neither time looking like scoring.

22:03: Eight mins of extra time to go AC 0-0 Juve.

22:02: A wild challenge by Del Piero on Gattuso sees him get a yellow.

22:01: Seedorf works a ball through to Shevchenko but he is blown for off side.

22:00: Gattuso again gets a challenge in that stirs the fans of both sides.

21:59: AC are looking the more tired and with Roque Junior injured are down to ten men really.

21:57: Juve are still pushing and the ball breaks off Conte's chest he is challenged and hopes for a pen. - nothing.

21:56: Second period of extra time begins.

21:55: End of first period of extra time. - could it be penalties.

21:54: Juve are pressing hard and a sliced clearance is eventually cleared by AC.

21:53: Two mins of the first period of extra time to go.

21:50: Del Piero lets a throw cross his body and his shot from twenty yards out goes over the bar.

21:49: Juve are doing more of the pressing and a cross breaks to Conte but his shot is always rising.

21:48: The fans are really making a noise now and the noise is rolling around the ground.

21:48: Roque Junior can hardly move his leg is heavily strapped.

21:46: Roque Junior is on the sideline and is being strapped up.

21:45: Roque Junior is injured after stretching for a ball - but AC have used all their subs.

21:43: A slip by Roque Junior allows Conte to get a cross in that is smuggled out by the AC defence for a dead ball.

21:41: The ball is stuck in midfield with little width the game is very stale.

21:39: First period starts.

21:37: It's Silve Goal time. If one team is leading at either half-time or full-time they will be declared the winners. If the game is still drawn then it is penalties.

21:36: Full time: AC 0-0 Juve.

21:33: Att 63,215

21:33: The ball is sent in by Seedorf and it goes out for a dead ball.

21:32: A free kick for AC on the right hand corner of the box.

21:31: Last two mins of normal time - are we set for extra time?

21:30: Sub for AC Rui Costa off to be replaced by Ambrosini.

21:30: Gattuso again gets down the left and works it into the box but it goes over Inzaghi's head.

21:27: Last six mins AC 0-0 Juve.

21:25: The ball is cleared easily.

21:24: Juve get into a mess in the corner and Inzaghi wins a free kick.

21:23: Juve work it clear but Gattuso gets back and knocks it out for a throw.

21:22: AC are turning the screw and win a corner.

21:21: The corner sees the ball worked back to Rui Costa who sends a wild shot over the bar.

21:20: A long ball into the Juve box is not cleared and Inzaghi gets a turn and a shot away that is cleared for a corner.

21:19: A nice move sees Serginho put a low cross in that Inzaghi sends over the bar with a header.

21:18: Fifteen mins to go AC 0-0 Juve.

21:18: Del Piero is getting sucked back into midfield more.

21:16: It is swung in low and fast but straight at the keeper.

21:15: AC win a free kick towards the right hand corner of the box.

21:14: Sub for AC Pirlo off for Serginho.

21:13: Gattuso is pulled up for a challenge on Zalayeta but the free kick goes nowhere.

21:11: A strange decision sees Juve win a free kick 30 yards out on the right.

21:09: AC work a great move down the left but the final ball is cleared - for a corner.

SUBS: Davids off for Zalayeta.

Costacurta off for Roque Junior.

21:06: 28 mins to go AC 0-0 Juve.

21:05: AC work a move down the right through Shevchenko and then across to the left but are not making any penetration.

21:04: The ball is swung in and Maldini has a free header 12 yardes out but puts it wide.

21:03: AC win a free kick on the right close to the box.

20:59: Del Piero wins a free kick wide right and it is swung over to Thuram but it gets no where.

20:57: The game is beginning to stretch a bit more with a bit more space in midfield.

20:53: Thuram is making more ground down the right and is trying to get round the back of AC defence.

20:52: Juve are pushing AC back onto the edge of their box.

20:51: Conti has done more in these first three mins of second half than the rest of his team in the first.

20:51: Conti gets a flick in that hits the bar and is cleared for a corner - it comes to nothing.

20:50: Juve have come out stronger a wild overhead kick by Conti is cleared for a corner.

20:49: Second half changes Juve: Conti replaces Camoranesi.

20:34: Half time AC 0-0 Juve.

20:33: Seedorf and Shevchenko work and move down the right but the cross is too heavy, and then Rui Costa gets a shot in that is easily saved by Buffon.

20:32: Juve play it tight on the front two of AC and Inzaghi is blown up for off side.

20:31: Three minutes of added time on the first half.

20:30: Another corner for Juve is not cleared well and the ball is hanging in the air but collected by Dida.

20:29: Del Piero works his way around Maldini and his shot is saved by Dida for a corner - it is cleared but Juve remain deep in AC's half.

20:28: Last two minutes of the first half.

20:27: Tudor is off to be replaced by Birindelli

20:26: Tudor has gone down with a serious injury no one was near him but the stretcher is on.

20:25: Five mins to go AC 0-0 Juve.

20:24: Rui Costa picks the goal kick up and a neat pass with Inzaghi sees Costa get a clear shot on goal but he pulls it wide.

20:23: Rui Costa breaks down theleft but his ball into the box is cut out.

20:22: The referee is pulling up a lot of meaningless fouls so the game has little rhythem at the moment.

20:21: Ten mins to go until half-time AC 0-0 Juve

20:20: Juve are starting to get a little more of the ball and Zambrotta earns a free kick on the left but the cross in is pulled up for a foul.

20:17: Shevchenko works his way down the left wing this time and his cross is cleared at the back post for a corner - it is cleared.

20:15: Trezeguet and Del Piero work an opening in the AC box but Nesta gets a strong challenge in and comes away with the ball.

20:14: The first real shot by Juve sees the ball worked to Del Piero on the edge of the box but his shot goes over.

20:12: Gattuso has gone down injured but he is fit to carry on.

20:11: Another smart move down the right for AC sees the ball cut out for a corner - it is somehow cleared and Del Piero is fouled on the touchline.

20:10: Davids is full of tricks he is trying to get on the ball more - but there is little room in mid-field.

20:08: It is a very cagey game with AC posing more threat but they are not committing too many men forward so Juve are failing to find any gaps.

20:06: 20 mins gone AC 0-0 Juve

20:04: The free kick is cleared out to Thuram but his shot sails over the bar.

20:04: A short corner is defended well and the ball cleared down the Juve right and Gattuso puts a heavy challenge in and is yellow carded.

20:03: Seedorf works his way down the left wing and is cross is headed goalwards by Inzaghi but Buffon flicks the ball wide for a corner.

20:02: The ball is flicked on at the near post but Thuram clears at the back post.

20:01: Seedorf collects a loss pass and the ball is worked down the right wing the cross is cleared for another AC corner.

20:00: A free kick for Juve on the left is swung into the box but again a foul sees the game stopped.

19:59: Maldini and Nesta at the back for AC have had little to deal with.

19:58: Shevchenko is clattered from behind by Montero - free kick AC.

19:57: Again Shevchenko breaks down the right and a tackle from Tacchinardi knocks it out for a corner that is cleared by Juve.

19:56: Shevchenko is looking lively and is cutting in from the right. Goal disallowed for offside.

19:55: CORRECTION goal disallowed - presume for a foul in the box - but AC are looking the more likely to score.

19:54: GOAL AC MILAN - Shevchenko

19:52: A heavy challenge by Gattuso on Zambrotta sees the free-kick swung in but it lands in the keepers hands.

19:50: AC are seeing more of the ball but neither team has threatened.

19:50: The first foul on Rui Costa in the middle of the field sees the ball played out to the AC wing and the ball swung in but cleared for a corner.

19:46: The ball is played through to Trezeguet but he is snuffed out on the edge of the box.

19:45: The players come out to the screams and shouts of their fans, AC in their change strip of all white whilst Juve in their famous black and white.

19:40: A full Old Trafford sees Juventus fans in the East Stand, a riot of black and white, whilst opposite the red and black of AC.

19:32: Champion Leagues Final - Old Trafford, Wed, May 28, 2003.

Team Line-ups







Del Piero,






Subs: Chimenti (GK), Pessotto, Conte, Iuliano, Birindelli, Di Vaio, Zalayeta.

AC Milan:







Rui Costa,





Subs: Abbiata (GK), Rivalso, Ambrosini, Laursen, Roque Junior, Serginho, Brocchi.