A BURNLEY councillor is calling on dog walkers to clean up after a bridleway in his ward has become known as "dog dirt alley".

Councillor John Cavanagh believes that unless dog owners start to clean up after their pet pooches, which have littered a path off Red Spar Road with faeces, residents will take their own action.

Coun Cavanagh said: "This path is used by a lot of people, and a lot of children. Parents walk their children along it to St James' School.

"Unless the path cleans up soon residents here will start to take their own action."

Burnley Council's environmental health department have been told about the problem, but Coun Cavanagh said residents need to be more responsible.

He added: "Young people play in the ginnel and it is a walkway to the local school. I am concerned that some of the residents will take some form of action.

"I am pleading to local residents to clean up after their dogs. I have discussed it with the environmental health and signs are going to be put up and there are going to be patrols up here.

"There are spot fines for anyone caught fouling the path."

Burnley Council gave its commitment to flushing out the mess left by irresponsible dog owners.

The council's cleansing services manager Brent Holden said: "Burnley Council has been made aware of the situation in the ginnel leading from Red Spar Road to Oakwood Close and the environmental health and cleansing team have erected stickers in the area to encourage local residents to clear their dog's foul.

"The team intend to revisit and monitor the state of the walkway over the coming weeks."