REGARDING Charles Jardine's recent sentiments on the science surrounding fish and pain, he fails to note that there has been scientific work done in this field for 30 years and that pretty much all of it has supported the fact that fish feel pain.

Indeed, the work of Lynne Sneddon and others, recently published in one of the foremost scientific journals in this country, that of the Royal Society, merely confirms what the vast majority of scientists have been saying for years. The RSPCA also concur with this evaluation.

The work of Ms Sneddon and her colleagues is an uncomfortable truth that anglers are trying to avoid. It is not 'disneyfication' but hard scientific fact which they are trying to belittle.

It is he and his fellow anglers who are putting up the smokescreen, not the many people among us wish to go about their lives and leisure without inflicting cruelty to animals as they go.

Max Gastone, Campaign for the Abolition of Angling.