A PROLIFIC car criminal who looked set to become the first Rossendale adult to be given an Anti Social Behaviour Order has been jailed instead.

Heroin addict John Daniel Egan, 27, is behind bars after getting behind the wheel while banned, fleeing and then taking to the rooftops after police turned up to arrest him.

He had been not long out of custody and on licence when he had bought a vehicle, was chased by police and ended up smashing into two other cars.

Egan was sent to prison for five months, after earlier admitting driving while disqualified, failing to stop when required for a constable, no test certificate and not having insurance.

Egan, of Inkerman Street, Bacup, was also banned from driving for two years. He had pleaded not guilty to an allegation of

going equipped for theft and the Crown offered no evidence.

Prosecutor Sarah Statham told the court Egan had been banned for two years in December. Police knew him well, spotted him driving on May 17 and followed him after he abandoned the vehicle in the middle of the road after colliding with two parked cars. He was later found on the roof of his home.

Janet Sime, defending, said Egan bought the car, which needed to be made fit for sale, and he was taking it to be repaired.