BRUMMIES are being targeted in the latest drive to get more tourists into Lancashire.

The Lancashire Tourism Partnership has blitzed homes across the Midlands with leaflets designed to entice people into coming here on short breaks.

The areas identified are home to a high number of people thought to take short break.

They include so-called SKI Brouges 55+ -- 'Spending the kids Inheritance' people in their 50s -- New Empty Nesters, people whose children have just left home and have more time and money on their hands, and the 55-plus market, who tend to have more time on their hands.

Being in the Midlands, they also fulfil the criteria of being within a three-hour drive of Lancashire.

Details of the latest publicity blitz are to due to be presented to county councillors today as they review the work of the Lancashire Tourism Partnership.

In a report to the external overview and scrutiny committee, tourism marketing manager Tony Openshaw, states that, in 2002, the short breaks campaign led to an extra £270,000 being spent on accommodation in Lancashire and an extra £494,000 spent on trips to the county.