I READ many letters complaining of the poor motorist being easy targets and hounded by police with speed traps.

Well let me put the other side of the coin. If the letter of the law was strictly observed, quite honestly, there could be no need to pay council tax because motorists break the law each day.

Here are a few examples:

Parking on single yellow lines between 8am-6pm. Parking on double yellow lines any time. Parking opposite a bus stop.

Proceeding through traffic lights not on green. Driving after dark with a light bulb broken. Driving with faulty tyres. Driving with road tax expired. Driving without insurance. Driving without an MoT certificate.

Sounding horn between 11pm-7pm. Making a manoeuvre with a mobile phone held to the ear. Not giving precedence to traffic from the right on a roundabout.

All these are bookable offences. I am sure police can cite as many again and maybe more.

So motorists consider yourselves lucky you are in a lenient neighbourhood.

F CROSS (Mr), Eagle Street, Accrington.