COUNCILLORS are doing an excellent job of killing off trade and businesses in Blackburn and turning it into a ghost town.

Why? Because you can't park anywhere now without having to pay a fee.

No free parking -- even for 10 minutes -- anywhere.

Councillors have obviously seen how lucrative the police policy on speed cameras has turned out, so they, too, target car drivers for additional income. Well, I for one don't visit the town centre any more.

One can no longer nip into town to pay a two-minute visit to the bank without having to pay a minimum of 70p for the privilege. Going to the barber's is now out of the question, because if you're kept waiting over an hour, you can add another £1-plus to the cost of your haircut.

Similarly, visits to the cinema have ceased, and shopping is totally out of the question. I now visit Darwen or Bolton or Hyndburn or Preston -- anywhere, but Blackburn.

We now see more traffic wardens in the town centre than we will ever see police officers. Very reassuring. I always thought that a Council wanted to encourage visitors, businesses, etc. to its town, but I'm obviously wrong. Another short-sighted policy decision.

NOEL EKE, Pickering Fold, Blackburn.