TWO activists from the British National Party have revealed they plan to write a book of their experiences.

Stephen Smith and Simon Bennett, who have both acted as local organisers for the party in Burnley during the last five years, plan to create "a blueprint for nationalists" from diaries they have kept during that time.

Their plans have attracted criticism from mainstream politicians, including the town's Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Gordon Birtwistle, who called it "no good for Burnley."

Mr Smith, 42, who was sentenced to three months in jail last year for falsifying signatures on nomination papers, said: "We have actually had eight councillors elected from scratch in the last four and a half years and been talked about worldwide.

"The last time people were talking about Burnley this much was when we won the First Division Championship in 1951.

"The impact this has had in the town deserves to be documented and we have kept exhaustive diaries. It's a story better than fiction.

"I think the book should be popular with everyone and it will be a blueprint for nationalists everywhere to achieve the same success.

Mr Bennett, 36, who left his official role in the BNP in July, following the birth of his first child, said: "Stephen will be doing most of the work, but I will be helping him out.

"The book will inevitably be denounced in some quarters, but I think some people will find it interesting because Burnley brought the BNP to people's attention."

Burnley Council leader Councillor Stuart Caddy, said: "The BNP are not the main talking point in Burnley. The real issues people are talking about are regeneration and tackling problems like anti-social behaviour."

Coun Birtwistle said: "I don't want Burnley to be famous for something negative like the BNP. This book will be no good for Burnley."

Both Mr Smith and Mr Bennett remain rank and file members of the BNP though they have stepped down from their official roles.