WELCOME to Duck's world, a drink, drugs and sex fuelled corner of modern day Dublin.

The Library Theatre opens its new season with Duck, a hard nosed look at life through the eyes of two ladettes.

The first Cat, who has been dubbed Duck by her small-time gangster boyfriend on account of the size of her feet, is keen to live life to the full.

The other, Sophie, is at odds with her mother and herself, and this rollercoaster of a play follows their tale of angst and violence.

Some of the scenes of domestic friction between family members are obviously written from recent experience, as they ring resoundingly true.

However, a pivotal bathing scene, which is beautifully constructed yet violently concluded, is remarkable and silenced the audience.

Duck, played with exhilarating frankness by Ruth Negga, holds a tight cast together who clearly enjoy playing their varied characters.

Writer Stella Feehily has captured the fears and dreams of a young woman, but also the selfish desires of those who want a slice of her beauty.

This play is tough, full of fierce language and some great one-liners which deserves the growing list of credits it is receiving.

Duck, at the Library Theatre, Manchester. Until Saturday. Tel: 0161 236 7110.