THE body of a drug addicted alcoholic who collapsed and died in the home of his supplier was carried out and dumped in a Blackburn street, an inquest heard.

The hearing was told that children ran to tell the dead man's pregnant partner what had happened and she returned to find paramedics desperately trying to revive Ian Francis Lord.

The inquest was told how Mr Lord, 35, had died as a result of a cocktail of drink and prescribed medication topped off with heroin.

Coroner Michael Singleton said the evidence he had heard presented a "very sorry and tawdry" picture of his existence.

"I am satisfied that during the course of May 29, Ian Francis Lord consumed copious quantities of alcohol, amitryptolene, diazepam and tamazepam and then, at 104 Brookway, purchased a quantity of heroin from Andrew Corless," said Mr Singleton. All of this together had a cumulative effect resulting in his death."

The inquest heard that Mr Lord and his partner, Joanne King, had recently learned that she was expecting his child.

In a statement read to the court she told how they lived together at Bunkers Hill Close. They regularly used heroin, smoked cannabis on an almost daily basis and Mr Lord was prescribed tamazepam and diazepam. In addition he was given amitryptolene tablets by Brian Slater who lodged with them.

Dr Naomi Carter said the drugs all acted as respiratory depressants and their effects would have been cumulative.

The coroner recorded a verdict of misadventure.