A FATHER who murdered his daughter by deliberately driving his car off a motorway was today jailed for life.

And Judge Peter Openshaw QC told 35-year-old Sean Brown that he must serve 19 years before being considered for parole.

Brown, of Huntington Drive, Darwen, pleaded guilty to murdering 14-year-old Carry Ann Brown and a further charge of having unlawful sexual intercourse with her.

Preston Crown Court heard that Brown had a "unnatural relationship" with his daughter and just weeks before her death in August last year it had become apparent that she was pregnant with his baby. She later had a termination.

Carry Ann died five days after sustaining serious head and internal injuries in the crash on the M6 south of Carlisle.

Judge Peter Openshaw QC said: "This was a deliberate and carefully planned killing. He lured her away from the foster home where she had been placed for her own safety and protection.

"He may have told her something of what was happening but it is plain she did not understand what he had intended.

"He set off with the express intention of crashing the car.

"He gave her drugs and deliberately drove off the motorway at speed causing the car to cartwheel and crash causing her dreadful injuries from which she died some days later.

"This matter has no doubt cast, and will cast, a dreadful and terrible burden over the rest of the members of the family which they must bear every day of their lives."

Judge Openshaw said the sentence must mark the public outrage at the case.

Carry Ann's mother Tracy Brown was too upset to comment after the sentencing.

Detective Inspector Neil Hunter, who had been leading the investigation, said: "The sentence reflects the gravity of the offence. From the family's point of view it can't take away the fact that there can be no grosser breach of trust than a father who takes the life of his daughter."