A NELSON fundraiser is hoping his latest charity stunt will prove to be a runaway success.

Former cancer sufferer Desmond Hutchinson, 52, from Walverden, is planning to break out from Nelson police station dressed as a crook and get as far away from East Lancashire as possible to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

If the stunt on Friday, May 28, is successful he hopes to gather a band of 'prisoners' to go on the run next year and establish a regular event. The only rule of the challenge is that he must not pay for any form of transport.

The married father-of-three has raised more than £15,000 for cancer charities over the years and is now disabled after being treated for throat cancer in 1996.

His previous stunts include bathing in baked beans and running the Dublin Dash dressed as Ozzie Osbourne.

During the last three years Mr Hutchinson has been involved in setting up a Pendle support group for Marie Curie and now dedicates all of his fundraising efforts to that charity.

He said: "My family think I'm completely nuts but they are used to me doing all kinds of crazy things to raise money.

"I will be starting from the police station at 10am on a Friday and trying to get as far away as I can in 36 hours.

"I will be going to chat to inspectors at bus stations and various other people to try to get transport and I have found in the past that people are very good.

"I think if you can make someone smile there's a good chance they will help you and I might even make it across the water to Ireland.

"I just want to raise as much money as possible because it all helps."

To sponsor the jailbreak call Mr Hutchinson on 01282 723976.

For more information about Marie Curie Cancer Care support groups call 01772 749797.