IN an epic three-hour performance, an audience at the Lowry were given a heart-wrenching lesson in love and jealousy.

The Cheek and Jowl production of Shakespeare's Othello reminds the hardest of spirits that "one is never deceived, one deceives oneself".

In one of the literary master's four darkest tragedies, central character Iago contrives and schemes his way towards the breakdown of love, forced murder and thrilling paranoia.

Iago plays on his victim Othello with the fake infidelity of his beautiful wife Desdemona with his favourite lieutenant Cassio. Jealousy we learn can bring the downfall of any man as can the thematic strands of honour and reputation.

On a world tour, expect perfected heart-wrenching performances by Jaye Griffiths (instantly recognisable for her television roles in The Bill and Between the Lines) and Jonny Phillips. Caroline Martin's final song before her tragic end for a crime she has not committed is as sincere as it is poignant.

Othello will be showing until Saturday at the Lowry, Salford Quays. Box Office 0870 787 5790.

OTHELLO, The Lowry, Salford. . .