HOPE CARR residents will be given the opportunity to say what new facilities they want for their Toc-H Community Centre.

This month, volunteers from the Centre will go door-to-door canvassing local opinions about what facilities should be added to the burgeoning Centre in Leigh.

The Toc-H centre has been revamped extensively in the last couple of years with the aid of Brighter Borough money, refurbished with a new roof and new kitchen as well as being rewired and fitted with a new fire alarm system.

The Toc-H Community Centre has a long history in Leigh.

It was founded shortly after the First World War and at its peak had 400 to 500 people passing through every week.

The non-profit Centre raised money for strikers in times of need and provided other local amenities.

The Albert Tatum Siddow Centre as it is officially known -- named after a local truancy officer who did a lot of fund-raising for the Centre.

Now the Centre boasts a wide range of facilities for Hope Carr residents, used as a venue for weddings, birthday parties and other events.

The Centre also has its own football team, morris dance troupe and is the base for Will Travis's acting school.