POLICE are making further inquiries into a number of attacks on a registered blind man in Darwen.

Brian Peel, 34, of Joseph Street, appealed in yesterday's Lancashire Evening Telegraph for bullies to leave him alone following a number of attacks. Officers are now looking into the situation, classing him as a vulnerable member of the community.

Insp Andrea Bradbury said: "Incidents where people are targeted because of their vulnerability are a serious concern to the police and are very regrettable. Further inquiries are ongoing by Darwen officers and I will ensure they are appraised of the full circumstances."

In the latest incident, on Saturday, Brian had his glasses knocked from him and his face slapped by a gang of youths in Joseph Street, shortly after midnight.

On a previous occasion in February, Brian's mum Lilian reported an assault on her son and the theft of a wind-chime from their doorway.