BLACKBURN is to get its own store selling nothing but rubbish.

SAMS (scrap art material store) is actually termed as a scrap store which makes use of things that would normally end up in land-fill sites.

The stores act as a central collecting and distribution point for scrap materials such as wood, plastic, fabric, metal , card and paper - mostly from industry.

There are around 90 scrap stores - or play resource centres - throughout the country which are all run as independent organisations.

Blackburn scrap store will run a membership scheme to non-profit making organisations such as schools, playgroups and youth clubs which will then be able to buy materials for arts and crafts at very low costs.

Organisers also hope to run regular workshops for those working with children and young people to help extend ideas for art projects using different materials.

The idea is to reduce waste disposal by recycling and reusing waste materials.

SAMS is being developed through a partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Community Business, Blackburn Partnership and businesses in the private sector.

It will operate out of Newton Street Mill in Audley but volunteers are needed to help set up the store and assist with the operation of the community business.

More information is available by calling 01254 279521.