A SIX-MONTHS pregnant mother of three was hit in the face with a full milk bottle thrown by her partner during a late-night row.

Blackburn magistrates heard the missile caused a one inch cut to Claire Tatlock's eyebrow which immediately began to bleed profusely.

But defence solicitor Alfred Rebello said Kenneth Darren Sagar had never intended the bottle to hit his partner and would never purposely have harmed her.

Sagar, 31, of Skye Crescent, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Claire Tatlock causing her actual bodily harm. The case was adjourned until June 9 for the preparation of pre-sentence reports and Sagar was remanded on bail until that date.

Tom Snape, prosecuting, said on the night of the incident Sagar and his partner had gone out separately.

Sagar was meant to go home to relieve his mother of baby-sitting duties but when Miss Tatlock got home he was not there.

When he got home there was a row and Miss Tatlock and her friend eventually manhandled him out of the house.

Seconds later a panel in the front door was punched in and then the full milk bottle was thrown through the hole hitting Miss Tatlock in the face.

Mr Rebello said the couple's troubles started when Miss Tatlock had an affair with Mr Sagar,s best friend.

"She left him after the affair was discovered," said Mr Rebello. "She said she was going for a week but went for three months. He has since offered to move out because of the problems."

He said that when he returned home on Friday Miss Tatlock was verbally abusive towards him.

"All he wanted to do was get his work clothes for the following morning and he was going to leave," said Mr Rebello.

"Her friend was on his side at that stage but eventually he was manhandled out of the house by both women. Out of frustration he punched the door and then threw the bottle of milk."

Mr Rebello said that as a result of his arrest Sagar had missed work on Saturday and had been sacked.