I HOPE the chancer who lifted a 91-year-old D-Day veteran's wallet containing £200 and pension books from a table outside his flat can sleep at night.

Ernest Pendlebury and his wife had returned from shopping to their Leigh apartment, and because they were in a hurry to get inside Ernest emptied his pockets onto a table by the door while trying to find his keys.

He took his wife inside and forgot about the items for a few minutes. In the meantime he had answered the intercom system and opened the controlled main door to a so-called delivery man -- but by the time he remembered where he had left the wallet and books and went to collect them they were gone.

The pension books have been replaced but the old folk's trust in people never will be. The incident has been reported to the police and I hope they track down the mean-spirited, light-fingered robber who doesn't know the meaning of compassion.