THE first hot day of summer brought out two pests -- flies and inconsiderate people.

After a lovely afternoon, a newish neighbour turned up at 4pm and decided to mow the lawn. Nothing wrong with that -- but she also decided to play music loud enough to disturb my enjoyment.

Being used to years of peace and quiet I put up with it for a while -- until Mac the Knife.

Now readers will know that that is the top of my musical hate list along with Fever. I just couldn't bear it any longer.

I shouted quite neighbourly-like that I was not enamoured with her taste in music, but she said she loved it and instead of doing the garden should be sitting with a glass of wine listening to it.

I agreed that that was a good idea, but I'd be grateful if I didn't have to listen to it as well. That soon brought back the sounds of silence.

People should realise that the music they enjoy may be unbearable to others, and if they must listen to it outdoors there are headphones available.