LEIGH East's Labour councillors were red faced this week after delivering 6,000 election leaflets throughout the ward.

The Spring edition of Labour Rose contains an unfortunate error which they fear may have upset some constituents.

On the circular highlighting the valuable work done by the three Leigh councillors Brian Jarvis, Keith Cunliffe and Fred Walker are highlighted capital letters at the start of four paragraphs and they spell out a naughty word.

A stunned Holden Road resident rang me to ask if the leaflet was genuine after he spotted the glaring anagram of watt. It is.

An apology goes out to anyone who may have taken offence.

Cllr Jarvis said he too had had the boob pointed out to him but all he could do was say sorry on behalf of the trio of councillors.

He said: "We didn't notice it ourselves. It is a bit of an embarrassment, but it has not been done to insult anyone. These things happen. You see this sort of mistake in newspapers and even on Countdown. We hope it will be taken in good spirit."

I'm sure it will be in most cases, but there's always the Mrs Whitehouse element in society who won't see the humorous side.