How will God cope with road hogs along his silver-lining corridors?

I'M doing a sedate 70 on the M65 when I'm overtaken and robbed in broad daylight. It's the 10th time in two minutes since joining the motorway.

An irreverent road rage seethes. I should murmur, 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do'. Instead I fume. Next time, they'll get a loud Peugeot horn blast up their exhaust!

Turn the other cheek? It's enough to drive a saint to sin! How long, Lord, will you stay your hand against these overtaking motorists who insist on cutting in too early, thereby stealing vast fractions of my braking distance?

Some hardly wait to get in front before they lanelift before my very eyes. I once travelled to Oxford and back overnight and had 25 miles filched from me!

At odd times, while driving along, I sadly eyeball this creased old fogey in my rear-view mirror and think, 'You need to get a life'.

On truly honest days I add, 'You hypocrite. You were just as bad before the slow senility of 61 sagged in to your driving seat'.

"Do unto others," whispered Jesus, "as you would have them do unto you."

But it's so hard when divorced from the others by motor metal and glass.

I worry for God sometimes? Don't you? I mean, how in heaven's he going to cope with us selfish road hogs along his silver-lining corridors?

Perhaps he lets in only those who let him take the driving seat.