WITH regards to current anti-war feelings, and the investigation into the Mirror claims of abuse of prisoners in the care of the Queens Lancashire Regiment, I would like to put forward my views.

It is easy for armchair critics to air their views when they have no stomach for war.

They say that war is wrong and should not be undertaken under any circumstances. The war in Iraq is now branded an unjust and illegal war, an occupation by an arrogant western superpower.

The media do not appear to be interested in the good of what, at this very moment is being carried out by the brave soldiers acting on our behalf. How naive. Do you really think that a race of people on the other side of the world would distinguish a soldier and a civilian?

I am ex-service and have seen action first hand. The last thing a soldier wants to do is go to war. When you go to war you feel sick with fear. You write letters you hope will never be read. You find yourself looking around you wondering who will make it back.

Then you are thrown into action. You carry out orders and get on with the job at hand. The longer you are in conflict the more respect you give the enemy, at the end of the day they are doing what you are doing, but on the other side.

When you do take prisoners, you are at your most vulnerable. Panic by your captors could make them attack you, or time spent on pleasantries could leave you open to an attack from another group of enemies close by.

At this point you have a choice A) deal with them quickly, bag them, separate them and control them or B) shoot them!

The anti-war brigade appear to be disgusted by option A, so maybe we should adopt option B?

Lets face it war is not nice, people get killed or maimed, lives are taken or changed, but on the whole our lads are there and are doing the job with pride and more importantly, honour.

The next time you read a story in a tabloid stop for a moment and ask yourself 'Is this for real?' am I to be led by gossip or, am I going to make an informed judgment based on facts? If you are anti- war then forgive our souls for protecting your rights to remonstrate with us.

STEVEN FORSYTH (address received).