A BACUP man died after suffering multiple organ failure when he developed an infection after a liver biopsy.

Granville Shaw, 63, of Stanley Mount, had been receiving treatment for cirrhosis of the liver since 1998 when he had given up his habit of drinking heavily on medical advice.

Dr Charles Grimley, a consultant at Burnley General Hospital, told the inquest at Burnley Magistrates' Court that when the biopsy was performed, on January 29, there was a possibility that peritonitis had been introduced to Mr Shaw's system.

He returned to hospital on February 5 after his condition worsened and he died on February 6.

Pathologist Dr Jane Edwards said peritonitis was a well-recognised, though very rare, side-effect of a liver biopsy.

She added that Mr Shaw had advanced coronary artery disease and had died of multi-organ failure.

Coroner Richard Taylor recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.