AN MP has begun moves in Parliament to secure tough new sentences for disqualified drivers who kill, following the death of a Blackburn girl.

Amy Houston, 12, was knocked down in Newfield Drive by a car driven by asylum-seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who had been banned from driving in the UK.

He was sentenced to four months in prison because he was not directly responsible for the accident and was not prosecuted for dangerous driving.

Hyndburn MP Greg Pope wants to see a new offence of causing death whilst driving while disqualified

Amy's dad, Paul Houston of Russia Street, Accrington, is campaigning for tougher speed restrictions in residential areas and tougher sentences for disqualified drivers who cause death or injury.

Hyndburn MP Mr Pope has put down a Commons Motion calling for tougher penalties for such drivers on Parliament's Daily Agenda, the Order Paper, sent to all MPs, Ministers and Senior Civil Servants.

If enough MPs support it, the Government may change the law.

Mr Pope said: "This was an appalling case and it was absurd that the driver was sentenced to just four months, he should have received a severe prison sentence.

"We need to ensure that in future banned drivers who kill go to prison for a long time."

A Home Office spokesman said currently there was no offence of causing death whilst driving whilst disqualified and those responsible would have to be charged separately with causing death while careless driving or causing death whilst driving dangerously.