FALLING temperatures culminating in the final - with a bit of luck - frost of the spring, have had the usual effect on catches from local commercials.

The great nets of last week are unlikely to be repeated but there is no need to despair. Although the heights of ton weights will probably not be reached anywhere, except Greenhalgh maybe, catches later this week indicate that you will still find plenty of fish interested, especially at venues where carp are not dominant.

Be careful with the feeding, with little and only as often as needed just to keep them interested being the way to do it.

It is a bit of a shame really, but the predicted upsurge in catches that we enjoyed last week will surely return next weekend, as temperatures rise once more.

It is one of those things that we have to put up with - a bit easier when you recall it was only a few years ago that the tackle would still be in the shed for another month yet.

You might recall that I thought Bradshaw Hall to be worthy of your consideration and I am pleased to report that those of you heeding that advice were well rewarded for doing so.

Pleasure anglers were well satisfied with a bite a chuck and pleased to be unable to estimate their daily weights, they had done so well.

But the matchmen certainly knew and recorded some great catches indeed, with no less than 151-0-0 needed to win a small match on lake 4. Second had 99-0-0 and third 77-0-0.

Brookside weights were up as well, though Sunday's match was a bit disappointing. Local matchmen visiting the Stretton complex didn't figure in a frame but pleasure anglers were reasonably satisfied.

The midweek matches were won with mixed bags of mainly chub and carp, but with a few ide to around 3lbs each. Those weights were over the 50lbs mark, but by Sunday the fish were less responsive and only 35-8-0 won the big match on Snake Lake.

Stick with caster here, up in the water, if you want to get loads of bites, but make sure you are well armed with soft pellet as an alternative - with carp and tench the targets.

Greenhalgh lodge threw up another ton weight to win an All-Winners qualifier, 133-12-0 for Pete Witowski, but only 92-0-0 to win on the following day.

One fishery that is attracting some serious attention at the moment is Whitmore.

Where? I hear you all shout and I am not surprised, since it has only just been brought to my attention. Seems some of you have been keen to keep it a secret - so I am sorry, the secret's out!

Whitmore Fisheries, very close to Greenhalgh on the way to Blackpool, were dug in 2001 and stocked in 2001.

There is a reasonably large (30 pegs or so), well stocked silver fish lake and a doughnut lake accommodating a similar number plus a smaller 'specimen' lake.