NURSE in East Lancashire will be the first in the UK to teach shop staff how to help women who have had breast cancer surgery find the right bra.

The initiative, part of National Breast Awareness Month, aims to make workers able to meet the needs of ex-patients.

Boundary Mill, Colne, along with Asda and Marks and Spencer, will work with the nurses.

Margaret Whittaker, a specialist nurse, said: "It is important for women to be fitted with a correctly sized bra but even more so for women who have undergone surgery.

"They think they have to be restricted in the types of clothes they can wear. This isn't the case and with the correct prosthesis and a correctly fitting bra, they can wear whatever they wish and feel confident about themselves."

The feedback from patients in breast clinics has been extremely positive. Barbara Lord, from Padiham, said: "I think this is an excellent idea, that a woman having had breast surgery can go into a store for expert advice rather than relying entirely on mail order."

Any stores interested in the training for their staff should contact Margaret Whittaker on 01282 474779.

A special Breast Cancer Awareness Day will be at the Boundary Mill, Colne, on Monday.